Hunting With Lowcountry

Visitors and subscribers' guests are welcome to hunt with the permission of the Masters. Ideally, guests are accompanied by a sponsoring subscriber in good standing who contacts the Masters for permission in advance of the meet.


Guests are encouraged to arrive at the meet at least 30 minutes before hounds move off. Before you mount, the Secretary will need your signed waiver and capping fee. It is customary to place your waiver and cap fee in an envelope marked with your name and date on the outside. Minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or custodial adult. Capping fees during roading season (September and early October) are waived for it is your first time out with hounds, after that guests are asked to pay a $30 roading fee. Capping during cubbing season (prior to Opening Meet) is $50. During the formal season (after Opening meet) capping is $100 on Saturday Formal Hunts and Holidays. Opening and closing meets will have a capping fee of $100, Hunt weekend meets will be $150/day. If you are interested in Hunt Weekend please look at our rider and non-rider packages. 


At all times, an ASTM-approved helmet is required, and the Masters of Lowcountry strongly recommend a helmet with harness. Juniors must wear a helmet with harness.

Attire during roading is polos (please refrain from wearing red if you are not staff or a master), earth-tone breeches and black or brown field boots; cubbing season and on weekdays during the regular season is ratcatcher (tweed jacket, collared shirt or turtleneck, earth-tone breeches, black  dress or brown field boots) and a protective helmet with chin harness. Saturday/Sunday meets during formal season are navy or black jacket with white stock tie, wheat or canary breeches, black  dress boots, and protective helmet are required.


Please note that on unseasonably warm days, shirts may be waived for club polos or sunshirts. Keep an eye on your email for communication on the days dress.


No stallions are permitted to hunt with Lowcountry Hunt. Please leave your dogs at home on hunting days.