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Huntsman, Tony Gammell

Tony Gammell came to Lowcountry Hunt most recently from the Keswick Hunt (VA) after seventeen seasons as huntsman. Despite his Irish roots and his early experience hunting the Traditionally-Bred English foxhounds at the County Limerick (IR), Gammell continues to breed a superb pack of American hounds in South Carolina. He successfully holds true to the concept of zero-tolerance—no deer, no pigs, no riot of any kind—and is successful with this training philosophy. Tony continues to provide exemplary sport in the tough marshlands and cypress grove of the ACE Basin and annually looks forward to the challenge of steadying his young entry from a variety of riot in that wooded South Carolina country that crawls with every manner of critter from armadillos to opossums. 


Bailey Bolen

Sherri Cooney

Helen Hagood Critz

Elizabeth Howard (Prof.)

Kate Sanford (Whipper-in in training)


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